Essential Tips for Prolonging Car Floor Mats' Service Life


When buying car floor mats, it is advisable to choose a quality material to ensure that the mats can withstand the elements. However, you need to be aware that car floor mats undergo wear and tear every time you step into your vehicle with shoes on. Thus, it is advisable to take good care of car floor mats to prevent premature wear. This article highlights steps you can take to prolong your car floor mats' service life.

Install a Heel Pad — If you scrutinise your car floor mats, you will notice that the heel section tends to wear out faster than other parts. The reason is that areas where your heels rest experience a lot of friction; hence, accelerating wear. It is the reason high-quality floor mats feature a heel pad made of a robust material. The material protects the pad from everyday friction between the heel and the mat. If your car mat does not have a heel pad, you can improvise by gluing a thin rubber or plastic material where your heels rest. Although the DIY heel pad is effective, buying a car floor mat with a dedicated heel pad is better.

Secure a Floor Mat — The car mats you buy and installation mode determine overall durability. See, quality car mats should prevent liquid spills and food particles from disappearing under the carpet. Therefore, you must ensure that a mat fits snugly and that there are no gaps between it and the floor. In this regard, pay close attention when installing car floor mats because any folds create an easy passage for liquids and debris. In addition, over time, dirt and moisture damage a mat's underside, making it less effective in protecting your car's floor. To prevent this, search for any gaps around a car mat by running your fingers around the edges.

Hang Mats to Dry — Car floor mats are supposed to dry adequately before reinstalling them in a car. If the mats do not dry adequately after cleaning, you will eventually deal with mould, which destroys the fabric. Moreover, moist car mats smell bad, making your drive very uncomfortable. Thus, motorists are advised to hang-dry car floor mats instead of laying them flat on the ground. Hanging the mats is a better approach because water drips faster, accelerating the evaporation process. If you lay car floor mats flat on the ground to dry, the upper side with dry faster than the bottom side, causing creases. However, hanging the mats exposes both sides to the same conditions, ensuring even drying.   


12 July 2021

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