A Practical Guide for Choosing the Right Car Roof Rack


Numerous accessories are available to car owners. Some add-ons are installed for functional purposes, whereas others are fitted for aesthetic reasons. Roof racks are primarily functional features, which can immediately turn a vehicle into a versatile transportation machine. The accessories create room on top of a car for loading cargo, ranging from travel bags and suitcases to tools bikes. However, car owners should choose a roof rack that suits their needs before installation. Here is a guide for selecting a roof rack for your car.

Strong, Not Heavy

One advantage of roof racks is that the right type can accommodate heavy belongings, such as a quad-bike or a boat. Most people believe that heavy roof racks are the strongest and thus choose the clunky ones made of steel. However, nothing could be further from the truth because heavy racks can put undue pressure on your car's roof. Moreover, significant weight might lead to expensive damages on your vehicle, not to mention the negative impact on fuel efficiency. When buying a roof rack, you must select a strong one as opposed to a heavy alternative. Thanks to technology, you can easily find lightweight aluminium roof racks engineered to match the strength of steel.

Choose Modular

Roof racks vary in design, and your choice can affect versatility. Standard permanent roof racks can only accommodate a narrow range of items. For example, a roof rack with permanent crossbars can only carry items with a flat cross-section. It can be a problem if you have irregularly-shaped items, such as bikes because the crossbars prevent proper anchoring. On the other hand, a modular roof rack allows for easy assembly, making them versatile. For instance, you can remove some cross slats to create more room or add other accessories, such as expedition rails. Therefore, you can use a modular roof rack for different applications.


The last thing you need from a roof rack is experiencing difficulties when loading and unloading luggage. It is precisely what you get with high profile roof racks since you might need a ladder to pack your belongings. Furthermore, high profile roof racks are noisier since the wind moves at incredible speeds between the bars and a car's roof surface. A low profile rack is the best for mitigating these challenges. Most importantly, it is easy to load and unload gear. Besides, the low profile reduces excess drag, enhancing efficiency and reducing noise.


30 October 2020

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