Primary Indicators Of A Damaged Muffler You Should Never Ignore


If you are unfamiliar with your vehicle's auto parts and accessories, you will likely be unsure if one component is on the blink. And one of the auto accessories that a good number of motorists underrate until its degradation has harmed other auto parts is the muffler. The muffler is responsible for two primary functions. Firstly, it helps with minimising the decibels of sound that come from your exhaust pipe via the ports. Secondly, it functions to ensure that all toxic fumes are directed away from your vehicle through the exhaust pipe. 

Despite being durable, your muffler can succumb to damage when it is frequently exposed to impact from rough terrain or incorrectly driving over bumps. To help you distinguish the looming signs of trouble, here are a couple of primary indicators of a damaged muffler you should never ignore.

Your engine keeps backfiring

While newer engines are fine-tuned for optimum performance, every component that this system comprises should be in working order. Thus, if your muffler is deteriorating, then you will experience issues with your engine. Although your exhaust is made up of an array of parts, ranging from the clinger head to the catalytic converter, if the muffler has acquired physical damage then your engine will misfire. If the backfiring is being caused by a crack in the muffler, then you will notice that the problem usually manifests when you are decelerating. Nonetheless, this could happen at any time. It is essential to see a mechanic as soon as possible to discern if it indeed is the muffler or if there is a separate underlying issue to be diagnosed.

Your exhaust is making clamorous noises

The exhaust system is not, by any means, inaudible. Nevertheless, if you have been driving your vehicle for a while, then you know what you exhaust usually sounds like. The moment that the noise is more cacophonous than normal, it should alert you to the possibility of a damaged muffler. As mentioned earlier, one of the muffler's tasks is to minimise the clamour caused by the exhaust. If the muffler has acquired a leak, then the chambers inside this auto accessory will be incapable of reducing the noise emitted by the exhaust system. Resultantly, you find that your vehicle is much louder than normal to a point of it being disruptive. It is worth noting that a leak in your exhaust system could occur somewhere other than the muffler. Overall, it is best to have a mechanic diagnose and subsequently repair the problem.


4 November 2019

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