Factors to Consider when Choosing a Cold Air Intake Kit


Most car owners want their vehicles to perform better than when they bought the machines. Therefore, car owners opt to add performance enhancement accessories to improve performance. Unfortunately, some car owners know little about vehicle performance modification and end up paying for unnecessary performance accessories. It should not be the case because some accessories are effective and inexpensive.

An excellent example is the cold air intake accessory for enhancing car performance. By increasing the volume of air flowing into the engine, a cold air intake adds efficiency to the combustion process. Before you get carried away by the capabilities of a cold air intake unit, it is essential to choose the right type. This article highlights factors to consider when selecting a cold air intake that suits your car's requirements.

DIY or Professional Installation

Cold air intakes come in two distinct styles; short ram intake and the complete cold air intake. It is essential to understand that none is superior between the two types and your choice depends on how you want to do the installation. Since the short ram is installed closer to the engine, the process is not complicated, and it can be accomplished by a DIY that knows their way around the engine.

However, because the complete cold air intake system is located closer to the ground, the airbox needs to be relocated for the intake to work efficiently. Therefore, you are likely to require the services of a professional mechanic to install the complete cold air intake. As such, it is essential to assess your capabilities and your budget before settling on a specific cold air intake type.

Plastic or Metal Intake Tubes

Cold air intakes can either be made from plastic or metal tubes. Although both materials perform equally well, you should understand that the latter gets slightly hotter than the former. Additionally, plastic cold air intake tubes are less expensive, and the design's reserved style blends well with an engine compartment. Cold air intake metal tubes are recommended for car owners that want improved performance and styling in one package. Your priorities concerning performance and styling should, therefore, guide the purchase decision of an air intake kit.

Universal or Direct Fit Cold Air Intake 

As you shop for a cold air intake kit, you will be presented with two types of fit: a global system and direct-fit system. The package you decide to buy depends on how well it fits in your engine. For instance, a cold air intake system with a universal fit is compatible with most carbureted functions, and you can custom configure the intake tubes. It means that with a little modification, a universal fit can be installed in just any car model.

The downside is that you might require more time and extra components to achieve the perfect installation. Cold air intakes with direct-fit, on the other hand, are model specific and do not require further customisation to the intake tubes. The cold air intakes are installed as bought which makes the process a breeze.

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25 February 2019

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