Important Features that Car Trailers Should Have


Car trailers are important pieces of equipment for transporting single or multiple vehicles across long and short distances. Car trailers need to have certain important features that will ensure the safety of the load as well as the towing vehicle.

Indeed, a variety of safety and mechanical features are essential for each trailer and the load it is designed to carry. Understanding these features will make it easier for you to identify the best car trailer for your specific needs.

1. Loading ramps

Perhaps the most obvious feature that a trailer should have is a proper loading ramp. The ramp should be easy to access, safe to use and sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the loaded vehicle.

The loading ramp should also not interfere with the movement of the trailer once in motion. It should either be a retractable loading ramp or the surface should be built so that it doesn't interfere with the stability of the car or trailer while on the road.

2. Access to the load

A car trailer should be designed so that you can easily access the load without spending a lot of time navigating to it. In particular, trailers designed for carrying cars should have tilt-out fenders that can enable you to enter or exit the car while it's on the trailer.

This will make it easier for you to load the vehicle onto the trailer, to offload it and to make any necessary adjustments.

3. Safety tyre straps

When transporting a vehicle load, you need to ensure that the tyres are safely strapped in place and that the vehicle is not moving uncontrollably. This is important during transportation because any sharp brakes or turns can cause the load to shift and potentially fall off the trailer. The best tyre straps are made of a tough material such as leather to prevent the likelihood of physical damage.

If the car trailer is carrying multiple vehicles, it may also need to be equipped with security chains that link individual vehicles to the trailer and to the main towing vehicle. This will provide additional support and safety while on the road.

4. Hydraulic braking

Car trailers should also be fitted with hydraulic braking systems that enable them to respond to the movement of the towing vehicle. The key is for the brakes to have an automatic surge capability so that they can absorb any sudden changes in movement from the towing vehicle (without losing stability). 


23 August 2018

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