Three Practical Tips for Using Roof Racks Safely


Rooftop carrier racks are ideal accessories for your vehicle if you are planning on handling significant loads. This type of rack is favourable because it ensures that the cargo which cannot fit into the limited interior space can still be hauled. In addition, the rack will not affect the performance of the automobile significantly. However, it still important to use the roof racks correctly to minimise drag and ensure personal safety. Here are simple tips to help you achieve ideal results.

Know the Maximum Limit

You should not place your load on the roof carrier without checking the maximum load capacity of the auto accessory. In general, roof racks are built to handle significant loads, but their capacity is limited. If you exceed the rating, you might damage the rack, and the heavy load could exert unexpected stress on your vehicle. Therefore, you must be aware of the load restrictions, and you should adhere to the limits. In addition, you should make sure that the total load in your car will not exceed the maximum gross weight rating of your vehicle.

Use Cargo Anchors

The load on the roof rack will be exposed to significant stress during the journey. In simple terms, the cargo will need to deal with wind resistance due to the movement of the vehicle and the flow of wind around it. Also, the load will experience stress due to changes in momentum when the car suddenly stops or begins moving. If the cargo is not secured appropriately, it could be dislodged from the roof rack, causing injuries and losses. Therefore, you should acquire appropriate anchors to secure the load on the vehicle properly in order to minimise the potential risks.

Keep Your Eyes Open

You should be highly vigilant when driving a vehicle with an attached roof rack and a load. Blind spots can cause poor decisions on the road, leading to an accident. In general, roof racks do not affect he visibility of the road. However, if the carrier is installed poorly or the load extends beyond the rack, it could create distractions while driving. You should also keep your eyes open when driving in areas with limited clearance. For example, if you are planning on going through garage doors or roads with limited height, you must ensure that there is sufficient space for safe passage.

Finally, you should remember to pack your cargo with care such that the load is distributed evenly for optimal handling of the vehicle.


29 June 2018

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