Should You Upgrade Your Car's Stereo System?


Automobile manufacturers will usually equip a standard model car with an average, although perfectly acceptable, sound system. Yet for many people, this is simply not enough, as they want to really enjoy their in-car experience and take advantage of the latest technology in order to move away from anything "standard." What can you do to upgrade your car stereo, and what do you need to know about the way that it works?

What's Involved?

A typical stereo that is inserted into a car's dashboard has three distinct parts: a source, a preamp and an amplifier. You can classify the source as anything that provides the output you want to hear, such as a satellite radio, a USB input, a CD player or a standard tuner. The preamp adjusts the sound to convert it into a more pleasant output and can enable you to adjust volume, cross fade, balance and tone, or to take advantage of more sophisticated equalisers. The amplifier, on the other hand, takes the revised signal from the preamp and boosts it into a high-voltage audio signal for output to the speakers.

Why Upgrade?

It's unusual for a standard car stereo to have all the bells and whistles that a good-quality, aftermarket product could have. You may also require some customisation and really want to be precise when it comes to equalising the sound and controlling your output. Aftermarket systems are also known for their aesthetic appeal and will certainly augment the look of your dashboard.

Augmenting the Experience

Most importantly, a new system will come with a high-quality and heavy-duty amplifier so that you can achieve a much louder and crisper sound. Your favourite tunes will sound a lot cleaner and much richer, and you will be able to fine-tune to your heart's content. In addition, you will be able to connect a wide variety of inputs to an aftermarket system using USB connectors. You'll also be able to send output to subwoofers and external amplifiers if you need to, or send a signal to video screens set into the back of the seats.

What About Safety?

Many people worry about security when fitting an expensive system and think that it will make their car a magnet for thieves. However, most good aftermarket systems have strong security features, including specific codes to enable or disable them and even faceplates that can be detached.

Making a Choice

Have a word with your car audio specialist to come up with the best system to suit your refined tastes.


31 May 2017

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